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Protection and Connection Part 1: Architecture’s Dual Relationship with Nature

Richard Neutra: Chuey House Since the beginning, protection from the elements was the initial motivation for the invention of Architecture. In the past this has been accomplished rather well with walls and sloped roofs. The walls of pre-modern structures were … Continue reading

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Country House Ad Infinitum

Mies Van Der Rohe’s Project for a Brick C0untry House reimagined in infinte space. Image by Argitect. Extend things beyond the necessary edge. This implies infinity. This implies the transient nature of being.

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Mullet Architecture Part II: Glass and Privacy

Tugendhat House Frosted Glass Entrance Stair: MVDR Mullet architecture emerged in the twentieth century for other reasons besides the necessity of hiding architectural flights of fancy from an intolerant and conservative public (For more information on this topic refer to … Continue reading

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Mullet Architecture: FLLW and Hans Scharoun.

FLLW:Winslow House Plan. 1894. Business in the front, party in the back. Throughout history Architects have given clients the most bang for their buck by putting all the “architecture” on the street facade. This is done to show off to … Continue reading

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