GSD Thesis


Sketch by MvdR of a theater project.

I’m pleased to include the link to my thesis book for anyone interested in getting a copy.  It is the culmination of everything I explored in this blog.  This book is an investigation of duality present in the architecture of Mies van der Rohe.   The title, Resolution and Tension, draws attention to a strange duality within the concept of duality itself  (stick with me).  

A classical approach to  duality  attempts to  resolve contradictions, creating a sense of completion.  In postmodernity the opposite –an exploitation of unresolved duality–consciously occurs.  This irresolution leads to dynamic tension, which is the opposite of classical repose.  

The investigation of Mies van der Rohe stunningly reveals that he exploited both types of duality, because he understood that not all contradictions within architecture could be solved.  


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  1. Aarons Postmail says:

    Although I have yet to read this, I truly believe this! Because I am in a hurry, I will just say that I agree with you! The classics have not been thrown away but used as a foundation for new things, just as the new things will be used as a foundation for newer things, not superceding but acting almost like a recessive gene which shows itself to that keen observer.

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